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Build an outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in New Jersey

Outdoor fire accessories are all the rage these days, and no wonder. Fire has always been an important part of human culture. We dress it up with some logs, maybe some nice charcoal or pebbles, and everything is wonderful.

Fire can be good for more than just burning stuff - it gives you warmth on cold nights, light if you need to see in the dark, and it's a great place to gather around with friends and family...

And what better place to gather than your own outdoor living area? Whether you have an actual yard or just a patio or balcony - there are plenty of options for increasing your enjoyment of spending time outdoors this summer. One luxury that many people don't realize they could enjoy until they try is an outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

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Outdoor Fireplace installation

Of course, not all types of outdoor fire accessories are approved by every community association and covenanted neighborhood. Some communities don't allow outside wood-burning fires; others don't like the idea of having a propane tank on their property (although A&K Artistic Masonry can assure you that many people who swear by their propane fireplaces simply won't settle for anything less). If this is the case in your area, we can design an indoor fireplace for you instead - A&K Artistic Masonry has plenty of experience designing and installing indoor fireplace units as well! Maybe a gas fireplace is more your style? We've installed them many times before, and offer competitive pricing for any installation. No matter what type of fireplace or fire pit you want, A&K Artistic Masonry will be able to help - just give us a call.

Outdoor fire pits

There are plenty of benefits to installing an outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit, even if you can't get it exactly where you want it right away (we understand that not every backyard is the same, after all). If you're wondering whether this kind of addition would be appropriate for your property (and which kind would) please give us a call; we'd be happy to offer advice and answer any questions that you might have about outdoor fireplaces or outdoor fire pits in general.

Outdoor Fireplace & Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

A&K Artistic Masonry specializes in outdoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit installation. Please contact us for more information.

Professional Outdoor Heating Services

To ensure that your outdoor fireplace and fire pit will perform well, it is important to hire an experienced contractor. Our team provides all the relevant information you may need during installation so our professionals can build structures that are both beautiful as well durable!

Get an exterior home makeover
with just one call.

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